Prison Release!

[Owner] Syukaan a posted Sat at 0:39


Our most anticipated server has finally been finished.  Type /warp prison to get started on our brand new Prison World

Features include:

- 5 Different Ranks and Levels (D,C,B,A,Free)

- Mines that reset every 10minutes

- Shoppes

- Smeltery

- PvP Arenas

- Economy

...and more!

Log in today with your friends to take part in the experience!


The Skyblock World has just been released!  After going through the portal at the hub, type /island to create your own island!

The Prison World is a large project and is scheduled to be released by the end of 3/17/2018.  More information will be provided once it is released.

Thank you for playing on our server and growing our community.  This server will be constantly expanding, so sit tight and enjoy your stay.

New Server

[Owner] Syukaan a posted Mar 12, 18

Welcome to our newly opened Minecraft server!  Feel free to post on the forums and ask questions in-game.

Discord link :

Server link:

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[Owner] Syukaan   published Skyblock World and Prison Information on News
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